This is the seventh edition of the programme since its inception in 2009, which has seen more than 173,722 people being exposed to BokSmart Rugby Safety courses and its freely available resources.

Many of the attendees have had multiple iterations of this biennial training, which is aimed at minimising concussion, head, neck, and spine injuries associated with the game.

With COVID-19 impacting all operational areas of the business, this pushed the programme to move online, and with the gracious support of SportsCap - the programme’s official software partner - BokSmart has moved to the next level.

The development of a multi-layered BokSmart Certification Software Ecosystem has enabled BokSmart operations to move head and shoulders into the technological arena.

Within the software ecosystem is the new MyBokSmart Learning Management System. To access the freely available course, simply click on the link, register on MyBokSmart, find BokSmart 7 under ‘Education’, and then work through the course chapter by chapter to completion.

Let’s work #StrongerTogether to keep our players on the field, by putting in the hard work off it! Winners Play Smart. For more information on SportsCap, visit

#Committed2Change #SmarterSaferRugby