Concussion is a brain injury caused by trauma that transmits force to the brain either directly or indirectly and results in impairment of brain function. A player can sustain a concussion without losing consciousness.

Concussion is associated with a wide spectrum of signs and symptoms that resolve sequentially. Concussion reflects a functional rather than a gross structural injury and standard neuro-imaging typically appears normal. SARU views concussion extremely seriously.

SARU therefore insists that every role player, involved in all rugby played within South Africa, gives the highest level of attention to the most current evidence-based, internationally accepted, best practice standards of prevention, identification, treatment and management of players suspected of having a concussion or those who have been diagnosed with a concussion.

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5th Concussion Consensus Statement

BokSmart Concussion Guide cropped

BokSmart Concussion Guide with bleed

Child SCAT5

Concussion Advice Sheet

Concussion Awareness A5 flyer

Concussion Awareness Essentials A4

Concussion Awareness Poster A1

Concussion Blue Card Infographic PDF

Concussion History

Concussion Info piece

Concussion management infographic

Concussion Prevention

Concussion Recognition Tool 5

Concussion Register Template

Controlling Conflict with Concussion

CTE Alzheimers Dementia and Chronic degenerative brain diseases Full Review

CTE Alzheimers Dementia and Chronic degenerative brain diseases Short Review

GRTS infographic

HIA Protocol and Procedures

Long Terms effects in rugby union vs other contact sports

On field Concussion Identification

Prevention identification management infographic

Protective Equipment and concussions

Returning to Learning

Risk Factors for Concussion

RTP - a Pragmatic Approach


The Role of Baseline Testing FINAL

Understanding the HIA Protocol

When can a player safely return to play

When to call it quits

World Rugby - Concussion Guidance Document

World Rugby Concussion Poster