Management of Rugby Injuries

This section encompasses various aspects of injury identification, prevention and management, including on-field acute rugby injuries, acute spinal cord injuries, and concussion, specific injury prevention programs, rehabilitation and return-to-play guidelines, and specific practical guidelines for a coach or referee on when an injury is serious enough to remove a player from the field of play, or when to seek specialist medical opinion.

The primary focus of this section and also on the instructional DVD is the appropriate identification and management of potentially serious concussion, head, neck and spine injuries, and BokSmart provides detailed clinical best practice guidelines in these areas.

Detailed injury prevention programs are provided on the BokSmart website; the most relevant being on preventative neck and shoulder conditioning. An instructional portion on neck conditioning is further provided on the DVD resource.

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Age vs Weight Category Rugby

ASIA Scale chart

Coach Accountability Position Statement

Core Stability Exercises and Program guidelines

Early Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

Guidelines following a Foot and Ankle Injury

Guidelines following a Knee Injury

Guidelines following a Shoulder Injury

Guidelines following a Spinal Injury

Head neck spine decision making infographic

Head neck spine management infographic

HNS treatment flow medical infographic

HNS treatment flow untrained infographic

Hygiene infection control and prevention of infection

Medical Management of Suspected Serious Acute Spinal Cord Injuries

New Treatment Modalities in Soft Tissue Injuries

On-field Airway Management Techniques

Practical Guidelines Lower back Core injury prevention

Practical guidelines - Lower limb injury Prevention

Practical Guidelines - Neck Injury Prevention

Practical guidelines - Phases of Rehabilitation

Practical Guidelines - Shoulder Injury Prevention

Return-to-Play position statement

Review - Lower back and Core injury prevention

Review - Lower Limb injury prevention

Review - Phases of Rehabilitation

Review - Shoulder Injury Prevention

SAFE NECKS exercises infographic

Skeletal development the risk of catastrophic head neck spine injury

The 4-6 hour window of ASCI Treatment